Wp-SlimStat-Ex Plugin

Wp-SlimStat-Ex plugin tracks your wordpress blog. This plugin is based on Wp-SlimStat v0.9.2 by Mr. Coolmann

Current version : v2.1x

Powered by


  • SlimStat-Ex requires WP 2.5 or greater. There is a v1.6 for lesser WP versions which does not supported anymore.
  • Separated feed statistics
  • Ajax modules : You can browse each panels and modules without refresing entire page like slot promotions.
  • After v1.3, support browser’s back button – powered by ajax.history.js by Siegfried Puchbauer <rails-spinoffs (at) lists(dot)rubyonrails(dot)org>
  • Filtered results : You can filter stats by remote addr, domain(referer), search terms and so on.
  • Plugable extensions(Pin): PathStats, Downloads, Micelleneous, BadBehaviour, FreshView, etc. (Check this)
  • SlimStat-Admin tool : Support importing Wp-ShortStat and Wp-SlimStat, deleting old stats data, updating Ip-to-country database and performance management through adding or removing index keys from stats table. You can check currently available modules with each module’s ID
  • Fix time offset between server and blog(manual)
  • Support Ignore-IP-List(supprot IP-range e.g
  • Get post or page title from resource(url)
  • Support external tracking
  • Support external ip-to-country database


  • Upload ‘wp-slimstat-ex‘ folder extracted from downloaded file to wp-content/plugins.
  • In case of using external ip-to-country database(web), open wp-slimstat-ex-config.php and set “SLIMSTAT_EXTERNAL_IPTC” to true. (Note: Using external ip-to-country database will take times to get informations)

    if (!defined(‘SLIMSTAT_EXTERNAL_IPTC’))
    define(‘SLIMSTAT_EXTERNAL_IPTC’, true); // set this true to use external ip-to-country database
  • Open wp-slimstat-ex-config.php and set $korean to ‘false’ (true for Korean only) – removed since v1.5
  • Go to Wp-Admin > Plugins panel and ‘Activate’ Wp-SlimStat-Ex.
  • It may takes times for importing ip-to-country informations(First install only).
  • Go to Wp-Admin) > Options > SlimStat tab and make sure “Enable Tracking” is “enable”.
  • Now you can check your blog stats on SlimStat tab under Dashboard panel.
  • If you want to use Pins(plugin), download wp-slimstat-ex-pins.zip and upload each extracted folder to wp-slimstat-ex/pins folder and ‘activate’ it from Options > SlimStat tab.


Click image below for some screenshot.
wp-slimstat-ex screenshot

If you first installed v1.5~v1.502, go to ‘slimstat option page > SlimStat-Admin’ and press “Re-build ip-to-country” button once.

For lesser than WP v2.5

160 thoughts on “Wp-SlimStat-Ex Plugin”

  1. This is a cool plugin. There is something similar that I have found and tried before, but nothing as good as this plugin. Been using it for awhile now and its highly recommended.

  2. I am curious to find out what blog system you have been utilizing? I’m having some small security issues with my latest website and I’d like to find something more safe. Do you have any recommendations?

  3. Hi there, what an amazing plugin, its so lightweight, does not use much resources, and i highly recommend it to anyone before purchasing retail, beeg.cm

  4. Hi! Thanks for great plugin! Its better than commercial solutions like Mint. Ive been using original SlimStat plugin by Wettone and tracked over 60000 hits. Now my question is, is it possible to merge the 2 databases? Maybe you could tell me what I should change to make wp-slimstat-ex use old SlimStat database:o

  5. Was just looking around the site as I am considering signing up for your service for either my blog or some hub pages (maybe both). Was a little concerned when your sign up pages were offering me a WordPress v2.5/2.7 version of the plug in!:)

  6. Hey there! I’ve restarted developing WP SlimStat. I’ll release version 2.0 soon, and I’d like to incorporate parts of your front-end interface for visualizing the stats. If you want, we can start working together on this new version! I’ve completed the new “engine” for tracking visits and hits. Please contact me if you want to “merge” the two projects in one wonderful new plugin ;)

  7. Thanks for the update, but even running 2.1.2 I’m still getting the “Sorry, we do not allow direct or external access.” error message. 8OAny tips on how to get around this?


    1. Actually, I was about to release v2.1beta several month ago, but my job for money didn’t allowed me to do that.

      And now, I’m testing it with WP 2.8.4 on my spare time if it causes any trouble with new wordpress environments for I don’t want to make people in trouble because of my incompatible plugin.

      Please be patient, it won’t take long:-)

  8. Interesting idea. I got idea of using this plugin on one thread of some of the webmaster forums. Some member had small review and I’m here to see what’s that all about.

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  11. I’m getting the message “Sorry, we do not allow direct or external access.” I’m running on a 1&1 Linux server host. I installed exactly as your instructions stated.

    Please help.

  12. I’ve installed the slimstat plugin and everything seems to be fully functional with the exception of my display options. I don’t have any options available under that and I can’t see any stats. Please help.

  13. Hey,

    I installed the plugin easily but I can’t access the admin page. It gives me a 406:

    Not Acceptable
    An appropriate representation of the requested resource /tlgsense/wp-content/plugins/wp-slimstat-ex/lib/ss-admin/index.php could not be found on this server.

    But the file index.php is right there. I also tried admin.php but it was no use – same error message.

    Any help appreciated.

  14. I am getting it to work just fine under Linux/Firefox. But when I switch back to Windows/Firefox, I am getting “Sorry, we do not allow direct or external access.” How can I correct this and see the status under my Window’s Browser?


  15. hi,
    i can’t seems to load the wp-slimstat on my dashboard now. it was ok when i installed started to install it. now, it i can only the message saying (loading…) but nothing appears after that.

    i’m using the latest wp-slimstat-ex and wp version 2.3.1

    i’m using the same wp-slimstat-ex on wpmu and it works fine.

    1. Why don’t you try “Simple Stats” Pin, it will show you total, today and yesterday hits and available from wordpress options > SlimStat > Pins. You can select ‘count type’ and more from it’s options, bottom part of that page.

  16. I have been using wp-slimstats for last few months..I like the the update that you have given to this plugin. If I install this plugin, will I be able to view earlier data that wp-slimstats has stored ?

    1. You can import WP-SlimStat(0.92) data from “SlimStat-Admin Tool”, SlimStat option page will show you the way to the admin tool page.

  17. Wow Dude, you’re quick. Didn’t expect that, took me more than a month to check back for an answer. hehe.

    Thanks for replying and having a look at Firestats. Until now, it’s my statistics plugin of choice, because I can exclude the admin hits and several Bots – like Google and other search engines. I think Firestats checks for the browser used, and let’s you exclude visits by browser. That way you can exclude “GoogleBot”, “slurp” “^msnbot”, and others, by adding them to the botlist. That way you get kind of a “real visitors only” visitor count. Maybe you want to include this in WP-Slimstat-Ex? A separation like “real visitors only” and “search engine and bot querys only” would be too cool.

    As for the admin and logged in users hits, I’m surprised and glad that WP-Slimstat ignores them by default. That’s pretty cool I think, don’t really feel the need for an option to deactivate this. Great you already thought about that 8)

    According to german umlauts I’m not really sure how to support them. I’m not really a coder, more like copy-and-pasting code snippets ;)

    I could make you some screen shots of what it looks like, maybe that would help you? Or I could register you an account on my blog with admin privileges, so you can check out the SlimStat page yourself. I’d be glad to help you with this, just tell me what I can do – besides coding stuff;)

    I would also like to create a german language file for WP-SlimsStat-Ex, can you give me any information on how I can do this? Which files do I need to translate, and how do I need to save them?

    Again, thanks a lot for this plugin, and thanks for your quick reply. I noticed that some plugin creators don’t really like it when you ask for features or bring up new ideas, they often see it as a call for work. Cool to meet someone who doesn’t act that way :)

    1. Oh, I forgot to answer you^^;

      Well, v1.5 has the ability to excluding bots.

      As for the german umlauts, I added international search string support. Could you tell me if v1.5 works with you?

      You can use PoEdit to create german language file with ‘wp-slimstat-ex.pot’ and ‘slimstat-admin.pot ‘ file. Just select “new catalog from POT file…” from file menu and translate it. Save the file as “wp-slimstat-ex-de_DE.po” and it will create new “wp-slimstat-ex-de_DE.mo” also.

      Thanks for your nice suggestions:-)

  18. alohastone//
    I’ll check the FireStats plugin. I just visit it’s demo page and I think it has many cool features.:-)

    As for the ‘Admin hits’, this plugin ignores the clicks of Admin and logged in users by default. But you know, there is no options for it right now.

    I didn’t think about german umlauts till now, and I have no informations about how I support it. I can not give you an assurance, but I’ll try to support german umlauts. And maybe you can give me any informations about it:)

    Thanks for your good suggestions:-)

  19. It would be cool if you could add a feature to exclude specific wordpress users from the stats. FireStats has this feature, and I think it’s quite cool to have the option to exclude my own hits on my blog, as I’m the admin, and surf on it quite a lot. And those hits shouldn’t be added to the “real” stats.

    Also, german umlauts support would be greatly appreciated. Really nice work at all. Nuff respect!

  20. justfrank// Current version doesn’t supports “Ignore Bots” but next version will:)

    Shamis// There is no SlimStat to WP-SlimStat-Ex migration tool. I’ll check what I can do with it and include it as SlimStat-Admin Tool as soon as possible.

    Håkan// Sure, Check the slimstat-ex.css file in wp-slimstat-ex/css folder.

    Volker// Your server’s PHP time limit is too short to executes SlimStat-Admin tool. Ask your server admin to change the time limit to 60 sec or more.

  21. Hi, i couldn’t upgrade from Wp-SlimStat(0.92) and update my ip-to-country database because after a few seconds i get this error message:

    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 10 seconds exceeded in /home/www/web91/html/wordpress/wp-includes/functions.php on line 1221

    At the upgrade from Wp-SlimStat(0.92) i get till step “importing dt”…

    Any suggestions?

  22. This is totally awesome! Wonderful! Thanks a bunch for doing this.
    However, I’m wondering whether I can change the mint-green to wordpress-blue? I can live with it, sure:)but I find the colour clash a bit annoying…

  23. Hi! Thanks for great plugin! Its better than commercial solutions like Mint. Ive been using original SlimStat plugin by Wettone and tracked over 60000 hits. Now my question is, is it possible to merge the 2 databases? Maybe you could tell me what I should change to make wp-slimstat-ex use old SlimStat database. 8)

  24. HI, great plugin !
    Is it possible to disable tracking of search bots ( google bot etc. ) like in wettone’s Slimstat ? I’d appreciate it much:)
    keep on ! 8)

  25. I’ll look forward to the new release:)I just downloaded and almost installed Slimstat standalone, but a plugin is so much easier! Thank you:)

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  27. You can use this plugin with WordPress 2.1 but it’s not perfectly ready for WordPress 2.1

    v1.4 is almost done and I’ll release it as soon as possible:)

  28. Your PHP is configured to only allow 8 MB of memory per PHP page, which somehow seems to be not enough.
    Solutions: (from mamboserver forum)
    1. You can increase the memory allowed per process by editing this line in your php.ini file and restarting Apache:

    memory_limit = 16M (add the line if it is missing)

    2. If you do not have access to php.ini but your webspace is able to handle “.htaccess” files then you should be able to set it by adding the following line to .htaccess file (like Keelix06 mentioned)

    php_value memory_limit 16M

    3. One alternative is to contact your service provider and ask them to change that setting. Maybe they are kind enough to help.

  29. Thanks for trying to take over for wp-slimstat (which seems to have problems with Postie in combination with something else).

    I tried your show-tables.php from Dec29. The result was:
    “Ok, ‘SHOW TABLES’ query was good…and your ‘table_prefix’ is ‘wp_’
    Failed to check ‘bad_behavior’ and ‘slim_countries’ table

    When activating the plugin, the result is (replaced system-specific text with secret):
    WordPress database error: [Table ‘wp_secret.wp_slimex_pins’ doesn’t exist]
    SELECT `id`,`name`,`title`, `version` FROM `wp__slimex_pins` WHERE (1 = 1)
    WordPress database error: [Table ‘wp_secret.wp_slimex_pins’ doesn’t exist]
    SELECT `id`,`name`,`title`, `version` FROM `wp__slimex_pins` WHERE (1 = 1)
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 58368 bytes) in /secret/wp-slimstat-ex/pins/SSPathStats/pin.php on line 114

    …and then I must delete it to access admin panel again:cry:. Any suggestions?

  30. Well, I found that WordPress 1.5 does not supprots “is_admin” function and WP 1.5.1 or later does.

    Try this::
    Open wp-slimstat-ex.php file add some lines like below:
    if ( !defined('ABSPATH') ) {
    header("Location: /");

    function is_admin(){
    return (strstr($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], 'wp-admin/'));

    I’ll apply this to next version so that you and other WP 1.5 users don’t have to hack my plugin.

    Thanks for your report:)

  31. Hi!

    Thank you for the answer at first!:-)

    When I replace the code i get the following error message:
    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function: is_admin() in /home/ftpgroup/alia/htdocs/WP/wp-content/plugins/wp-slimstat-ex/wp-slimstat-ex.php on line 433”

    My WordPress Version is 1.5…i skipped the update somehow;)

  32. alia//
    Try this:
    Open wp-slimstat-ex.php file and find
    if ( !function_exists('is_admin') ) {
    and replace with
    if ( !defined('ABSPATH') ) {

    BTW, What’s your current WordPress version?

  33. Hi!

    I just tried to install your plugin but my blog is located in a subfolder of my domain and when i activate the plugin, i am instantly redirected to the rootfolder and thus cannot access the blog url anymore.
    I guess, the “$url=”home” in line 49 in the wp-slimstat-ex.php needs to be changed but even when i entered the complete url of the blog the problem remained.

    It would be great, if somebody could give me a hint how to fix that.:)



  34. Hi!

    Thanks for your reply once again.

    Here are the results from the new “show-tables.php” file:

    Ok, ‘SHOW TABLES’ query was good…and your ‘table_prefix’ is ‘GB_’

    Failed to check ‘bad_behavior’ and ‘slim_countries’ table



  35. Hello, again!

    Here is the result from the show-tables.php script ( I removed the ones not related to your plugin and our discussion):

    Ok, ‘SHOW TABLES’ query was good…


    Ideas? ;?:

    Thanks once again!


  36. Well, there is a list of your tables… and is there gb_slim_countries is exists and gb_bad_behavior is exists line? wp-slimstat-ex check needed table with the same way as show-tables.php and if it dosen’t exists, automatically create it when activate wp-slimstat-ex plugin.

  37. Hello again!

    I ran the “SHOW TABLES” test and I got:

    Ok, ‘SHOW TABLES’ query was good… and a list of my tables.

    Please advice. ;?:



  38. Hi,
    thanks for the reply!

    Your answers:

    1 – Yes, I do have Bad Behavior installed and active, running version 2.0.8.
    2 – The setting is already as you mentioned.

    I tried deactivating and reactivatind the plugin and the problem remains. :cry:

    I also tried deactivating the plugin, dropping all related tables and trying a fresh start. And still no luck! :cry:

    ANy other ideas?



  39. Monica//
    1. Have you installed bad-behavior plugin? If not, ‘Cannot find “Bad Behavior” table’ message is right one.

    2. First, open wp-slimstat-ex-config.php file and check $external_iptc value is 'internal'; and Re-Activate(Deactivate – Activate) plugin. this will create ip-to-country table if not exist.

    I hope this can solve your problems. Thanks:)

    Did you mean WP installation folder is “/blog/” and blog url is “/wordpress/” and WP index.php file is in “/wordpress/” folder?

    BTW, if you trun “Guess post title” option on, it will show you the “title of your post” not resource path like “/wordpress/index.php?p=58”.

  40. Thank you very much for this wonderful plugin. I would like to make a suggestion: make it identify redirections in the Recent Resources panel. For example, if I have my blog installed at /blog/ with the wordpress folder at /wordpress/ (so /blog/post/ is the same as /wordpress/post/), have it strip the wordpress/index.php from the URL of calls to /wordpress/ as it does with calls to /blog/. Right now I am looking at my Resources and I see calls to “press/index.php?p=58” when it could have simply said “?p=58”

    Just a small cosmetic improvement if you are looking for something to do:)

  41. Hi,
    I installed your plugin and I love it! Looks great and works even better!

    I am having 2 problems:

    1 – Bad Behaviour pin: When I go to DASHBOARD >> SLIM START and choose BAD BEHAVIOR it keeps telling me:
    Cannot find “Bad Behavior” table

    2 – Ip-to-country table: If I go to the “Wp-SlimStat-Ex Admin Tool” and choose “Update ip-to-country database” I get this message:

    Wp-SlimStat ip-to-country update

    This tool helps update ip-to-country database(GB_slim_countries)

    You don’t have ip-to-country table(GB_slim_countries)

    As you see my table prefix is not the standard “wp_” I use “gb_”.

    In both cases I followed the steps outlined in your documentation pages.

    Here is my blog info:
    Wp-SlimStat-Ex 1.2
    WordPress 2.0.5

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  42. Yes, I agree and I’m already trying to load javascript and css file only when it’s needed but… I’m worried about so many options:|

    Just comment or remove “add_action(‘wp_head’, …” line on wp-slimstat-ex.php file until next version if you don’t want to load css file.

    Thanks for your suggestion:)

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