Wp-SlimStat-Ex Plugin

Wp-SlimStat-Ex plugin tracks your wordpress blog. This plugin is based on Wp-SlimStat v0.9.2 by Mr. Coolmann

Current version : v2.1x

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  • SlimStat-Ex requires WP 2.5 or greater. There is a v1.6 for lesser WP versions which does not supported anymore.
  • Separated feed statistics
  • Ajax modules : You can browse each panels and modules without refresing entire page.
  • After v1.3, support browser's back button – powered by ajax.history.js by Siegfried Puchbauer <rails-spinoffs (at) lists(dot)rubyonrails(dot)org>
  • Filtered results : You can filter stats by remote addr, domain(referer), search terms and so on.
  • Plugable extensions(Pin): PathStats, Downloads, Micelleneous, BadBehaviour, FreshView, etc. (Check this)
  • SlimStat-Admin tool : Support importing Wp-ShortStat and Wp-SlimStat, deleting old stats data, updating Ip-to-country database and performance management through adding or removing index keys from stats table. You can check currently available modules with each module's ID
  • Fix time offset between server and blog(manual)
  • Support Ignore-IP-List(supprot IP-range e.g
  • Get post or page title from resource(url)
  • Support external tracking
  • Support external ip-to-country database


  • Upload 'wp-slimstat-ex' folder extracted from downloaded file to wp-content/plugins.
  • In case of using external ip-to-country database(web), open wp-slimstat-ex-config.php and set "SLIMSTAT_EXTERNAL_IPTC" to true. (Note: Using external ip-to-country database will take times to get informations)
    if (!defined('SLIMSTAT_EXTERNAL_IPTC'))  
     define('SLIMSTAT_EXTERNAL_IPTC', true); // set this true to use external ip-to-country database
  • Open wp-slimstat-ex-config.php and set $korean to 'false' (true for Korean only) – removed since v1.5
  • Go to Wp-Admin > Plugins panel and 'Activate' Wp-SlimStat-Ex.
  • It may takes times for importing ip-to-country informations(First install only).
  • Go to Wp-Admin) > Options > SlimStat tab and make sure "Enable Tracking" is "enable".
  • Now you can check your blog stats on SlimStat tab under Dashboard panel.
  • If you want to use Pins(plugin), download wp-slimstat-ex-pins.zip and upload each extracted folder to wp-slimstat-ex/pins folder and 'activate' it from Options > SlimStat tab.


Click image below for some screenshot.
wp-slimstat-ex screenshot

If you first installed v1.5~v1.502, go to 'slimstat option page > SlimStat-Admin' and press "Re-build ip-to-country" button once.

For lesser than WP v2.5