comment_parent컬럼이 원래 있었다니…

현재 tp-guestbook에서는 brian’s threaded comments에서와 마찬가지로 comment_reply_ID라는 컬럼을 `wp__comments`테이블에 새로 추가해서 이용하고 있습니다.

그런데 Wp-SlimStat-Ex용 Pin을 하나 만들던 중 `wp__comments`테이블을 살펴보니 `comment_parent`라는 컬럼이 떡~ 허니 있는게 아닙니까. 이런… 이걸 왜 이제서야 봤을까요…

혹시나 해서 WP 1.5의 테이블도 확인해 봤는데 역시 같은 컬럼이 존재하더군요. 워드프레스 소스 파일을 검색해 봐도 테이블 생성하는 부분 이외에는 그 컬럼을 사용하는 곳이 없더군요. 워드프레스에서 개발중인 부분이라고 해도 용도는 comment_parent란 이름으로 봤을때 comment_reply_ID와 같다고 생각되는군요.

아… 이걸 어떻게 하는게 좋을까요. 이게 존재한다는걸 알고나니 굳이 워드프레스 기본 테이블에 새로운 컬럼을 추가한다는게 좀 찝찝해 지는군요. 미리미리 살펴봤더라면 좋았을텐데 말이죠…:(이제라도 바꾸는게 좋을지 그냥 두는게 좋을지 좀 고민이 되는군요.:roll:

TP-Guestbook Plugin

This page is for people who cannot understand Korean. Please let me know about any mistakes in grammar. I’m not so good at English but I’ll try to fix them:)

Actually, this is not my plugin. I’ve merged some great plugins and added some user friendly interface.

1.Original Authors

2. Description

  • Include all functions in original plugins (except ‘shrink font by’)
  • Support Gravatar plugin.
  • Seperated javascript, css.
  • Support friendly url on WP 1.5, 2.0(or heigher).
    (e.g. http://mysite/guestbook/comment-page-4/)
  • Added TP_Guestbook option page.(wp-admin>Options>TP_Guestbook)
  • You can create your own guestbook style file.(tp-guestbook/css)
  • Support one click guestbook creation.(v0.97 or heigher)
  • Support localization (currently support English, Korean only)

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TP-Guestbook Option Page

This page is for people who cannot understand Korean. Please let me know about any mistakes in grammar. I’m not so good at English but I’ll try to fix them:)

This page was modified for version 0.9.8

1. TP_Gustbook Main Option

1-1. Create Guestbook Page:
  • Needs just one click for guestbook creation.


  • You cannot see “Create Page” button if you already have one.


  • Note!!: You must upload guestbook template file(guestbook.php) to current theme folder before create guestbook page. Template file is in ‘themes’ folder included. You must create new one if there is nothing matches your current theme.


  • How »

    • 1. Make a copy of page.php in your current theme folder and name it guestbook.php.
    • 2. Add below to top of your new file
    • 3. If you can find comments_template(); in your new file, go to step 5 else go to step 4.
    • 4. Open single.php(or index.php, theloop.php, loop.php) and check ‘s position related to and insert it to same position of your new file
    • 5. Save file and upload it to current theme folder.
  • If there was “GuestBook page created!” message, it’s done.


1-2. Guestbook Scheme:
  • This plugin includes some stylesheets (tpg-default, 082net, hemingway, alvin…etc.).
  • If you want to use your own style, modify tpg_default.css or create new one refer to sample.css
  • Upload new style file to ‘css’ folder (wp-content/plugins/tp-guestbook/css)
  • Select new style file on TP_Guestbook option page and “Update Options”

    Guestbook Scheme Select

1-3. Commentform Position:
  • You can place comment form to top(or bottom) of your guestbook page.
  • Individual posts can override this value(top or bottom) by adding a custom field with ‘comments_per_page’ as key.


  • Default value is “Bottom”.
1-4. All Posts, All Pages:
  • Setting it to ‘true‘ will enable threaded and paged comments on posts or pages by default.
  • Note!! You must replace in single.php(or page templates) with below before enable this option. After v0.9.8, you don’t have nothing to do with this.
  • Setting it to “true” will show above message.
  • While option value is “false“, individual posts or pages can still enable threaded and paged comments by adding a custom field: ‘paged_comments’ ‘tpg_comments’ with the value ‘on’.


2. Threaed Comments Options

Show »

2-1. Max Nesting Levels:
  • Comments will not nest below this level and show ‘Comments wont nest below this level’ message
  • Example for value 3

    Max Nesting Levels-2Max Nesting Levels-1

2-2. Custom Comments Target:
  • Almost users do not need to change this option.
  • If you have renamed your wp-comments-post.php file to prevent comment spam, set the filename here (relative to the wordpress intall)

3. Paged Comments Options

Paged »


3-1. Comments Per Page:
  • Set comments per page.(exclud nested comments)
  • Page numbers will only be displayed when comments exceed this value
  • Individual posts can override this value by adding a custom field with ‘comments_per_page’ as key.


  • Example for value 5

    Comments Per Page Option

3-2. Comments Ordering:
  • ‘DESC’: latest comments will be displayed first and page numbers will decrease from x: x,….3,2,1
  • ‘ASC’: earliest comments will be displayed first and page numbers increase from 1: 1,2,3,…x
  • Individual posts can override this value by adding a custom field with ‘comment_ordering’ as key.


  • If comments count is less than comments per page value, ordering will be overrided by “DESC”(show_all_ordering). You can set this option by chane below

    on tp-guestbook.php file

3-3. Page Range:
  • Number of page numbers to show at one time.
  • e.g. if there are 10 pages, current page is page 6 and page range is 5 page numbers displayed will be: << 4 5 (6) 7 8 >>
3-4. Use Friendly URLS:
  • If you currently have a custom URI structure for permalinks (see codex page if you don't), enabling this will append /comment-page-x/ (where x is a page number) to the end of the URLs for comment pages.
  • WordPress 1.5 users: Go to Options > Permalinks and "Update Permalink Structure". This will insert rewrite code to .htaccess (file permission 666 is required) (v0.9.7c or heigher)
  • WordPress 2.0(or heigher) users: You don't have to do anything with this.
3-5. Show All Commets Link:
  • If enabled, visitors will have the option of choosing to see all comments on one page (ie. not paged). A 'show all' link will be displayed if this is enabled.

    Show All Option - 1Show All Option - 2

3-6. Fill Last Page:
  • Fill last comment-page in descending (DESC) mode
  • When enabled, the last comment-page (the default page loaded in descending mode) will contain the maximum number of comments allowed on a page (the max being the value specified for the per_page option)
  • Note!!: with this enabled new comments will cause older comments to shift down to the preceding page until page 1 is full. (Rendering your comment permalinks worthless.) So if you value your comment permalinks and you've enabled descending ordering, set this value to false.
  • Left of screenshot below is "true" right is "false"

    Fill Last Page TrueFill Last Page False

TP-Guestbook v.0.9.7

Tp-Guestbook이 v.0.9.7로 판올림 했습니다. 예전부터 추가하고 싶었던 기능들을 거의 사용 할 수 있게되어 기쁘네요:)아직 여러가지 테마에 맞게 쉽게 수정 할 수 없는 점이 아쉽긴 하지만, 시간이 흐르다 보면 점점 나아지겠죠?;)

추가, 변동 사항 (Changes)

  • 플러그인을 class로 변환했습니다.
  • 한번의 클릭으로 방명록을 만들 수 있습니다.(One click Guestbook creation)
  • 지역화 파일을 추가해서 한글을 지원하게 되었습니다.(Localized)
  • 방명록이 아닌 다른 글이나 쪽에서도 Threaded, Paged Comments를 사용할 수 있습니다.
  • 각각의 글(쪽)에서 페이지당 댓글 수를 지정 할 수 있습니다.
    (custom field – key: comments_per_page, value: 댓글갯수)
  • 각각의 글(쪽)에서 댓글 정렬 방법을 지정 할 수 있습니다.
    (custom field – key: comment_ordering, value: DESC 또는 ASC)
  • 스타일 파일을 조금씩 수정했습니다.

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