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  2. No worries dude.. sorry for any hassles i gave you in correcting the mistakes.
    I would have thought the adding script in the code wrapper would have made the > displayable, nevermind.

    Hope that someone can find a use for this and maybe expand it a little.
    would be great to see a plugin that would add a selection the the widget options to make it collapsible or not on load.

    By the way 082net thanks for the spoiler script. It the only one i found that does what it says it does.

  3. Global Native// I’ve edited your first comment with ‘code’ tag and removed your other comments for fixing broken codes. Is that right:???:

    Oh, I forgot to say thanks:)

  4. Add Ajax-Spoiler to widgets with out recoding them.

    I was working on the collapsible navigation based on your Ajax-Spoiler plugin and made a few changes sop that i wouldn’t have to hand code every widget. These changes enable you also to add callapsable menus to widgets with just a few clicks. I am using the mootools code.

    This will work as long as the widget has a title with the class “collapsible” and a div wrapper for the content beginning straight after the header . I.E. the included widget search in the widgets package does not have a title and a little hand coding will fix this.

    I will one day get around to making this a WP plugin.

    with site.custom.js use….( for mootools

    function mySidebarLoader() {

    // do not add spoiler to these widgets ( Titles must be exactly the same)
    var ignore = new Array("Title 1", "Title 2", "ETC");

    // Collaspse these onload ( Titles must be exactly the same)
    var collaspe = new Array("Title 1", "Title 2", "ETC");


    var tid = el;

    var ele = el.getNext();

    if(tid.nodeName == 'H3' && ele.nodeName != 'a'){
    tid.onclick = function(){Spoiler.Collapse(ele, 'blind', tid, {duration: 400}); return false;};
    if(ele.hasClassName('hide_first') || collaspe.test(tid.firstChild.nodeValue)) {
    Spoiler.Collapse(ele, 'blind', tid, {duration: 600});

    }, this);
    window.addEvent('load', mySidebarLoader);

    then with your dynamic sidebar code.
    // The trick being to add the class "collapsible" to the header
    // and wrap the content in a single div beginning from straight after the header to the end of the widget

    if ( function_exists('register_sidebar') )
    'before_widget' => '

    'before_title' => '

    'after_title' => '


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