Wp-Scripts Plugin

There is a updated version for WP 2.6 or later

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Modified to follow v0.8


  • This plugin just insert javascript html tag to your blog header.
  • Make your selected javascrips compressed(powered by javascriptcompressor)

Javascripts Included

Install & Config

  • Upload wp-scripts folder extracted from downloaded file below(wp-scripts-plugin.zip) to wp-contnet/plugins
  • Go to Wp-Admin > Plugins panel and Activate Wp-Scripts.
  • Go to Wp-Admin > Options > Wp-Scripts and select javascripts you want to use


  • You better check your current theme or activated plugin already loaded those selected scripts. For example, Lightbox plugin or K2 theme load prototype.js and effects.js by default.
  • Scriptaculous scripts will be displayed only when ‘prototype’ is selected and mootools plugin will be displayed only when you select ‘mootools’
  • litebox.js is Lightbox Js 2 for mootools.
  • In case of setting Compress method to ‘Standard’ or ‘High’, You must check your cache folder(wp-scripts/cache) is writable(maybe ‘777‘)


About Lightbox(Litebox).js

  • When lightbox(litebox).js is selected, be sure to another Lightbox(Litebox) plugin is not ‘Activated’
  • Automatically insert rel=”lightbox[postid]” to linked image (bmp, gif, jpeg, jpg and png).(powered by Safirul Alredha’s Wp Lightbox Js Plugin)
  • All images on each posts will be treated as group
  • You can use dark style by rename lightbox-black.css in wp-scripts/c foldet to lightbox.css.(backup original css)

Check »

Upgrade MooTools to Latest

  • Go to MooTools svn download interface.
  • Select all Addons and ‘Window.js‘ in Plugins.


  • Select ‘None‘ in Compression.
  • Download file by click ‘generate your download‘ link and rename it to ‘mootools.js


  • Upload mootools.js to ‘wp-scripts/js/base‘ folder(overwrite).
  • Go to SVN Plugins.
  • Download all linked files except ‘Window.js’, ‘DeBug.js’ and upload them to ‘wp-scripts/js/rel_mootools‘ folder(overwrite)


  • In case of Compress method is ‘Standard’ or ‘Hight’ go to Wp-Scripts option panel and ‘Update Options’.
  • Refresh your browser or ’empty’ browser cache.

See updates an informations for this plugin

7 thoughts on “Wp-Scripts Plugin”

  1. Any chance you’re goig to update this as Mootools has moved on now, and it’s getting hard to upgrade it…

  2. aaron// Yes, and you must set “$js_library” on aj-spoiler.php to same as wp-scripts.

    Diego// Sorry, I don’t understand exactly what you mean…

    BTW, current version is not recommended with WP 2.1 or later and I’m tring to use WP’s WP_Scripts class.

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