Wp-SlimStat-Ex Options

General Options

General Options
  • Enable Tracking?: “enable” this to track vistors. You better set this “disable” when use SlimStat-Ex-Admin or update plugin.
  • Track Mode: Choose the way of track visitors. ‘Entire blog’ is same as previous version. ‘Blog pages only’ means all posts, pages, archives has ‘wp_footer’ hook on it’s template file. ‘Blog pages and feed’ means ‘Blog pages only’ + feed.
  • Update Check: Automatically check if there is new version available when you connect to SlimStat option page.
  • Use Pins?: If you don’t want to use ‘Pins’ set this “false”. You still can use Summary, Feed, Details panel after set this ‘false’.
  • Use AJAX?: Enable or disable AJAX loading.
  • Ajax cache limit: Time to keep loaded panels and modules when enable ‘Use AJAX’ (in minutes).
  • SQL limit rows: Limit rows for each modules.
  • DB max-age: If you want to delete all SlimStat-Ex data more than ‘X’ days old, set this to ‘X’. Setting this 0 will disable deleting old stats data. Total hits, visits, uniques information will remain and be displayed below Summary module.

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