Wp-SlimStat-Ex Options

General Options

General Options
  • Enable Tracking?: “enable” this to track vistors. You better set this “disable” when use SlimStat-Ex-Admin or update plugin.
  • Track Mode: Choose the way of track visitors. ‘Entire blog’ is same as previous version. ‘Blog pages only’ means all posts, pages, archives has ‘wp_footer’ hook on it’s template file. ‘Blog pages and feed’ means ‘Blog pages only’ + feed.
  • Update Check: Automatically check if there is new version available when you connect to SlimStat option page.
  • Use Pins?: If you don’t want to use ‘Pins’ set this “false”. You still can use Summary, Feed, Details panel after set this ‘false’.
  • Use AJAX?: Enable or disable AJAX loading.
  • Ajax cache limit: Time to keep loaded panels and modules when enable ‘Use AJAX’ (in minutes).
  • SQL limit rows: Limit rows for each modules.
  • DB max-age: If you want to delete all SlimStat-Ex data more than ‘X’ days old, set this to ‘X’. Setting this 0 will disable deleting old stats data. Total hits, visits, uniques information will remain and be displayed below Summary module.

Display Options
  • View Mode: Default display mode for modules. ‘Chart view’ or ‘Table view’.
  • Visit type: Vist type for each visitors. ‘uniques‘ treats each remote address as one in any time interval, visits treats it as another visit if there no clicks in 30 minutes.
  • Guess post title? : SlimStat-Ex can get post or page title from “Resource” and also category, tag and so on.
  • Get host name?: Get host-name from remote ip address. This may slow down SlimStat-Ex.
  • Use Whois link?: Enable or disable link for IP information web site(DnsStuff).
Extra Options
  • Nice Titles: Use Dustin Diaz‘s SweetTitles.
  • Time Offset: Time offset between server and blog. Since v2.1, SlimStat gets time offset from wordpress setting.


  • Once a Pin is installed, you may activate it or deactivate it on SlimStat option panel.
  • If you want to use any Pins, download wp-slimstat-ex-pins.zip and upload extracted Pin folder to wp-slimstat-ex/pins folder. PathStats Pin is included by default.


  • Ignore IP-List: This setting define which remote ip will always not to be tracked. Seperate each remote ip with semi-colon( ; ). You also use range of IP like
  • Ignore Bots: Ignore miscellaneous bots and crawlers. If you set this option only, SlimStat will not ignore famous bots like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.
  • More Exclusions: You can ignore more excluding options.
    • Ignore famous Bots (google,yahoo,msn…)
    • Ignore RPC Service (technorati,feedburner…) and RSS readers
    • Ignore validators (w3c,feedvalidator…)
    • Ignore fetching tools (curl,snoopy…)
  • Black User-Agent List: SlimStat will always ignore User-Agent you added.
    • You can use some syntaxes like *, ^, $ : * means non-whitespace characters (\S*?)
    • Separate multiple patterns with new line.
  • White User-Agent List: SlimStat will always track User-Agent you added. This will be appled before black list.
SlimStat-Ex Admin Tools
  • Delete old database: You can certain more space in mysql db by deleting old SlimStat-Ex data.
  • Performance tool: Adding index keys can increase performance of SlimStat, but you will need more storage for SlimStat table. Removing index keys can reduce your mysql db size, but SlimStat will work slowly.
  • Update GeoIP Data: This tool helps updating GeoIP data file.
  • Upgrade From Wp-ShortStat: Import Wp-ShortStat data. (removed since v2.0)
  • Upgrade From Wp-SlimStat(0.92): Import Wp-SlimStat(0.92) data. (removed since v2.0)
  • Display available modules: Display currently available modules include Pins and you can also see each module’s ID on this page.

SlimStat-Ex external tracking

  • You can track another applications on same server.
  • Make a copy of “external-config-sample.php” in wp-slimstat-ex/lib folder and rename it to external-config.php. Change some values similar to wp-config.php. Please see ‘SlimStat > External Sites’ panel for more details.
Some core functions separated to Pin
  • Simple Stats: Exported to SSSimpleStats
  • Stats on Blog: Exported to SSBlogStats.

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  1. I got this error:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined method: ssadmin->removeresource() in /home/socalled/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-slimstat-ex/lib/ss-admin/_functions.php on line 885
    What do I do

  2. Hi, thanks for the nice plugin. I have only one problem when upgrading from Slim Stat v0.92, and every time when checking table, I got:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: setup() in /home/king/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-slimstat-ex/lib/ss-admin/slim2ex.php on line 54

    Thanks for your help!

  3. also got this error with the new pin:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: current_filters() in /var/www/web6/web/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-slimstat-ex/pins/BBSpamStats/pin.php on line 208

  4. hello,

    I have one issue: all 6 pins included in the last version are shown twice in my slimstats config menue, only BB pin is only shown once… but I only have one copy inside my pins folder – any ideas?

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