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  1. I’m finding that I’m having more and more issues with plugins, especially the ones that use external feeds or look-ups. My hosting company suspended my account for taking up too much CPU resource. Turns out it was a related posts plugin. Not happy !

  2. well, it is not important but I consider it a nice improvement. maybe you’ll merge it into the next version? right now I have 5-6 installations of your plugin, and no time to modify them all, I’ll give it a try these days.

  3. ovidiu//
    Sorry about that, I’ll suggest you an easy method.

    Open wp-slimstat-ex-config.php and replace var $plugin_home with below.

    var $plugin_home = 'http://082net.com/tag/wp-slimstat-ex/?orderby=modified';

  4. one more general question: when going to my wp-slimstat admin panel it says: There is a plugin update available

    couldn’t you modify that so that it also tells me which one has been updated?
    I have no clue which one and have been browsing your site for half an hour now;-)


  5. thx. no pin activation problems anymore.
    but I see nothing – not even an empty map. I guess this will change after I receive some visitors on this testsite.

  6. ovidiu//
    Finally, I found the problem, it was due to PHP version.
    This plugin check parent class for each Pins with ‘SSPins’ but PHP 4 returns ‘sspins’ for Pin’s parent class name (lowercase).

    I just fixed the problem and updated the plugin(v1.605).

    I hope this patch works.

  7. I know what you mean, but I used their control panel (aka eaccelerators control panel…)

    I can try again disabling from php.ini during this weekend…

  8. ovidiu//
    Did you checked eaccelerator is really disabled when you insert two lines? Some PHP settings does not applied to individual host until the sever reset.

  9. I activated geo pin manually via phpmyadmin, but the config screen doesn’t open so I can input my google api. where exactly can I input it manually with phpmyadmin?

  10. ovidiu//
    You better manually activate each Pins from phpmyadmin until I find a right solution. I’ll wait for someone else has the same problem like you.

    p.s. How was your testing for deactivating all other plugins?

  11. too late right now, I’ll try that tomorrow. I can also set those two options from my admin control panel.

    WAIT! I just realized, I have other pins activated. I tried activating another inactive one and get the same error….strange enough those activated pins do work… so it seems like if I would activate them manually somehow, maybe using phpmyadmin and insertign the right code somewhere they would work. it seems they just don’t pass whatever test you do to them:-)

  12. Yeah, now you can delete your address:-)

    And here’s one more question. Have you tried re-activate other Pins? Is GeoSlimStat the only one cannot be activated or all other Pins cause the same error?

    I could not found any problem with your server environment but eAccelerator.
    Add these two line to top of your .htaccess file
    [code]php_flag eaccelerator.enable 0
    php_flag eaccelerator.optimizer 0[/code]

    You can safely remove those two lines after the testing.

  13. First, open wp-slimstat-ex-options.php and un-comment line 69
    [code] require_once(SLIMSTATPATH . ‘lib/pins.php’);[/code]

    And, deactivate all other plugins and see if it’s working.

    If it does not work, you can mail me from about page:-)

  14. sorry I cannot offer that from here, am at work right now, but I am on my own server and I assure you, php safe mode is off. But I have a wp plugin that gives me php_info, can I send the info somewhere to you by mail? that way it won’t have to wait another 8hours:-)

  15. thx a lot.
    I am on wp 2.2.2. – have not had the time to upgrade yet, but your fix helped. BUT when I try to activate this new Geo Slimstat Pin I get this error:

    This pin does not work with WP-SlimStat-Ex v1.604

  16. BGH Quiz//
    You wrote same comment on previous post.

    Is your WP version v1.5.x?

    I’ve tested SlimStat-Ex 1.6 on WP 2.2.3, 2.0.11 and there was no such error message like you.

    I just tested with WP 1.5.2 on the off chance and the same error occured.

    I just fixed it and updated new version but I don’t know why this error occured:(

  17. same thing over her: your new version says:

    WP-SlimStat-Ex needs upgrade but when I clikc on upgrade I get this error:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /var/www/web40/web/wp-content/plugins/wp-slimstat-ex/lib/ss-admin/upgrade.php on line 17

    and when I click on pins on its option tab I get:
    Fatal error: Undefined class name ‘sspins’ in /var/www/web40/web/wp-content/plugins/wp-slimstat-ex/wp-slimstat-ex-options.php on line 344

    delete old database gives: Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /var/www/web40/web/wp-content/plugins/wp-slimstat-ex/lib/ss-admin/admin.php on line 15

    It seems completely broken for me:-(
    any help is appreciated.

  18. This was a great plugin until I installed the new version. First the old statistics I had deleted before, but were saved to be kept on counting, were deleted. Okay. I did not mind, I knew I had had about 70000 visits, that was enough to know.

    But now the plugin has stopped working all of the sudden over night. I have no idea what happened. I have optimized and repared the database, done everything I could think of, deleted old data again and whatever. It is simply not working anymore.:(

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