Display Stats on Page with SlimStat-Ex

After v1.3, there are two way for you to display some stats module on page.

v1.5 or later users, you must install SSBlogStats Pin first.

Using Content Filter

Find Available Module’s ID

  • Summary(id=1),Recent Domains(id=2), Resect Search(id=3) is default.
  • You can find more modules(info) on “SlimStat-Admin > Display available modules” and it will show you each module’s ID too.

8 thoughts on “Display Stats on Page with SlimStat-Ex”

  1. Tamami//
    You may think ‘hits’ as ‘clicks’
    If a person moves around your blog, ‘hits’ count would increase, but ‘visits’ count won’t increase (by 1).

    If a person stop moving around your blog, and after 30 minutes, he start to move another pages on your blog, then ‘visits’ count would increase.

    If you want to know about unique visitors(IP), just see ‘unique’ values. (you should set ‘Visit type:’ to ‘unique’ on your slimstat option page)

  2. Hi. I’m using Wp-SlimStat-Ex 1.2.

    According to the slimstat, my blog so far has Since end of 2006, roughly 300,000 hits & again roughly 33000 visits.

    This may probably be a simple question for some, but I REALLY don’t understand the difference between ‘hits’ & ‘visits’… The two figures are so different, i just don’t get it.

    Could you please explain, & tell me how many people/ real readers actually did land on my site??

    Many thanks!

  3. Petrick//
    Sure, you can display default modules and displayable Pin modules if you activated ‘Stats on Blog(SSBlogStats)’ Pin.

    And current post is show you how to do that.

    As for the FreshVIew Pin, ‘getHTML_PastDay’, ‘getHTML_PastWeek’, ‘getHTML_PastMonth, ‘getHTML_PastYear’ are displayable modules, and you can find ID of each modules from “SlimStat-Admin > Display available modules” page.

  4. There’s no way to do that now, but that’s a nice suggestion.

    I’ll ship it with next version, and it’ll be very simple way (just count only)


  5. Hej, thanks a lot for the great plugin. But one question according to this post: Is there any possibility to display those stats on a “single”-page that only concern the individual post? So maybe there is a possibility to “filter” the stat before displaying it? That would make it an alternative to the “Readers_Post” plugin that only can display the number of readers for a post. The possibility would eliminate the redundancy in counting… counting everything twice and saving all those numbers in the db.

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